Do you run training courses?

Yes we do and if you look at our training pages it will give you an idea of what we offer.

We are flexible with the countent to suit each provider.


I am really nervous about coming to training courses with a practical activity  in it in case I feel silly.

I make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our sessions by being sensitive about any potential feelings like this. The practical sessions are in groups where we look at the resources and try them out so that you will have familiarity with them when you use Spirals in your setting.

No one is called upon individually to take part in an activity.

Some people have even shared with me  that they were nervous about coming before a training session but they  soon relaxed ad enjoyed the session.

Who is Spirals for?

At a child level the early Baby and Toddler Spirals has an emphasis on activities to develop language for children within a communication friendly environment.

Upward Spirals is more for the children who are struggling with some aspect of speech, and language. The relaxed slower pace and repetition of key concepts make it ideal for these children.

Spirals  can be used by practitioners in early years settings using age /stage appropriate levels. It can be used by teachers and support staff in schools. In school the stage of the child is important in choosing Spirals groups. A year one child can successfully be chosen for a group with Reception children if this is appropriate for their stage of language. We have had a year two girl successfully included in a group of year one and Reception children due to her stage of emotional and language development.

Parents and carers can be included as partners through the Home Activities book which gives simple but effective ideas for developing language. These are all play based. instructions are modelled visually so there is little challenge to anyone using the activities with their child. There is an optional ox where the parent or carer can log progress to discuss with the child’s teacher or key worker.

Parents can also be invited in to a Spirals session . Games and activities can be sent home .Also little recording and motivation sheets can be sent home with the child so that parents and carers can contribute to the ‘language minutes’ a child experiences in a day.

Why is the baby and toddler spirals different from the older Upward Spirals?

Upward Spirals is essentially delivered through small group work. Baby and Toddler Spirals focuses on activities for children at an individual level.

Babies and toddlers up to three years are looked after in a community setting but are not necessarily ready to work in a  group . There are many skills that a child needs to develop in ordert to be able to access learning in a group. After 3 years many children respond really well and group work is good for developing their language, communication, thinking and social skills.

How long has Spirals been going?

Since 2002 when the first book was published. Before  that, however, intensive research and trialling had been going on in Plymouth,Devon , where Marion and Jackie began the Spirals work.

Where is Spirals being used?

Spirals is used nationwide. We have trained for schools, early yeas settings and Local Authorities all over England, Wales and Scotland. Interest in the books has been increasing in other English speaking countries.