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Many thanks to the practitioners on LinkedIn who contributed to this page.

Website for practitioners and parents: which has lots of tried and tested resources, many of them free to download.  This is part of the Literacy Trust organisation.

Lots of useful free resources for parents and carers to support their children’s early language development. The Communication Trust provides lots of high quality resources. Their website page for resources for parents and carers  is

Dedicated website for parents ‘ Words for life’ is accessed through the first page of the Talk to Your Baby Website. Lots of lovely information on talking, playing and singing to your child. Also a birth to 3 years milestone display.

Free to download, stages of speech poster.

ECAT Every Child A Talker. Through everyday, fun and interesting experiences which reflect children’s interests, ECAT encourages early language development from the beginning  extending children’s vocabulary so that before they start school children are confident and skilled communicators.

‘The Early Support materials have been developed to help parents and carers of young disabled children to understand health and social care services. It helps them record and share information about their child’s development and learn about specific health conditions.

Not free but a good resource:

Sally Goddard-Blythe has written books on  “the music of language”; “What babies and children really need”;  “The Well Balanced Child “and “The genius of natural childhood”.  The books cover how language develops and why gesture, music, mime and most of all one-to-one conversation are essential ingredients for language development in toddlers and young children.

NO pens Wednesday for September

Aiming to encourage talk in the classroom across the nation. Free guide to resources on: