Using puppets to engage children and support the language, communication and learning.

Engaging children with puppets to develop language, communication and well being Early Years to KS.1

There is a wealth of research in education at the moment that shows high levels of value added for children with vulnerabilities in the area of language when puppetry is used to support their learning. The recent Puppets in Science Project resulted in a national impetus to use puppets to support the teaching and learning of scientific language. When teachers used puppets to introduce concepts it was found teachers changed their language and children who would not normally contribute began to talk freely. This is being replicated in many other settings.

A half day session attracts excellent feedback and lovely comments such as “Thank you for a magical afternoon!” “Interesting and informative session, thank you” “Should have been a whole day! Thank you”.

The day course looks at the following:

To empower practitioners to develop their skills and confidence in using puppets in their practice.
In the session we will:

  • Look at the history of puppet use worldwide as a medium of communication.
  • Explore the powerful psychology which underpins children’s and adults’ response to puppets.
  • Develop and practise skills in manipulating puppets convincingly and effectively
  • Have advice on choosing a puppet for your individual needs.
  • Watch clips of practitioners using puppets in the classroom with children.
  • Learn about available resources to support puppet use back in the setting.
  • Have fun in a relaxed learning environment.


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