Training the Trainers – new course


We are now in a position to offer different levels of  certificated training for facilitators of Spirals in their own area.. It can be held at your choice of venue.

NEWS We have now run the first Training for facilitatirs in Cardiff and participants rated the course content, learning and usefulness to practice very highly.

All said it had been a very busy, thought provoking and exciting session with fun and learning beautifully combined. The Facilitators packs and certificates were particularly appreciated.

Training for Spirals Facilitators; (Level 1): This is for practitioners already experienced in using the Spirals model. This will be for authorities who wish to support their teams to build capacity in schools and early years settings in the area of language and communication through consolidating Spirals support in their own localities with local staffing. This course will equip practitioners to become Certificated Spirals Facilitators.

It will be a 4 hour  course for each group, numbers by negotiation, and it will give each participant an in depth view of the principles behind the Spirals programme including the Psychology and the ways to engage school and setting staff in the process. Each participant will leave at the end of the day with a trainer’s pack that includes a CD containing the following:

ü  A  standalone Power Point that includes problem solving strategies, with notes on key points and related resources.

ü  E1. Evaluation form for sessions

ü  P1. Practitioner self questionnaire

ü  C1. Evaluation form to record a child’s progress

ü  information on essential materials for the session packs

ü  key hand outs

so that once they have the book, participants would be in a position to fully support the Spirals model to best effect in settings in their area under the supervision of their local Spirals Area Supervisors who will be the point to contact for these facilitators in each area.

This training can be booked in advance via Spiralstraining@hotmail.com

Training for Spirals Facilitators; (Level 2);

Practitioners who have undertaken the level 1 course have the option of moving to Level 2 after a 6 month period  For this a practitioner would be asked to present a portfolio of Spirals facilitation signed off by their local Area Spirals Practice Supervisor

ü  Two  x completed P1 Practitioner self questionnaires 6 months apart

ü  Twelve x  C1 Evaluation forms recording children’s progress in the school or setting in speech, language and communication over the period of Spirals support. These can be requested from practitioners who have worked  with the children .

iii An observation of the participant running a Spirals group with children by the Area Spirals Practice manager.

Further  developments and training for Local Area Supervisors  and Trainers will be coming on-line later this year.

Marion and David


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