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Language, Development Resources

We all need to support children’s language skills

Marion has written resource workbooks to build children’s language skills. These can be used as stand alone resources or the effect can be enhanced by one of our in-house training courses. Our Home Research Workbooks are ideal for parent / careers as well as practitioners.

It was good to meet so many of you at the seminar I ran at the Childcare Expo on Saturday 5th March this year as a guest speaker.   I gather from the organizers that they sold out of the seminar places a few days before the event!   We will be attending the similar event in October in at the Ricoh Centre in Coventry.

Special offer -if you are coming to the Coventry Expo on Saturday 1st October and wish to reserve a discounted copy of your book (£20.00) please email Marion on Marion_m_Nash@msn.com.  A receipt will be provided.  Child Care Expo Coventry is at the Ricoh Arena and the website is http://www.childcareexpo.co.uk/.

Thank you for all your positive comments and questions and do continue to email me with your queries, I have posted a photograph of the seminar on our News page.

Find here (page 76) an activity to help develop active listening from the baby Spirals book .

Our Facebook page is Supporting Early Language- Spirals for Babies and Toddlers

Coming in 2017 Are you an experienced teacher with knowledge of speech, language and communication and of training adults or a Speech and Language Therapist with an experience of training adults?  We will be providing a one day course to enable you to become a Licensed Spirals Trainer in Spring 2017.  Contact Marion on Marion_M_Nash@msn.com for more information.

Webinars – We are planning a series of Webinars for after Xmas so do keep in touch with this page.  Webinars will contain information on Speech and Language development